Tuesday, February 19, 2008

HadCRUT3: Jan 2008 coldest since Feb 1994

Just a small curiosity. January 2008 was the coldest month since January 2000 following RSS MSU and the coldest month since May 1995 according to GISS. So it is clear that I can't overlook a new winner in our hitparade. ;-)

The new numbers from
HadCRUT3: HTML, data, graph
identify January 2008 as the coolest month since February 1994: 166 previous months had a higher anomaly than +0.037 °C measured in January 2008.

If the temperatures drop by additional 0.16 °C which can't be ruled out, the record breaking will extend to 1984 or 1985. But January 2008 was, anomaly-wise, already as cool as the average month of the 1980s. In this sense, you may start to say that 20 years of warming have been undone. Once you get to the 1970s, which is just a small step, you will automatically get to the 1940s because there was no warming between the 1940s and the 1970s. In a few months, most of the 20th century warming - and virtually all of warming that can be sanely attributed to the industry - may be simply gone.

Nature is capable to do such things in an elegant way - without paying tens of trillions of dollars, without introducing a new totalitarian ideology, without scaring children, without elevating stomachs in the movie theaters, and without awarding a Nobel peace prize to an annoying, fat, and power-thirsty crank.

Nature rules. And cools. It is simply cool. And yes, that's a rule.

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