Monday, February 04, 2008

Pakistan Telecom hijacks YouTube IP address space

Posted on February 24th, 2008

There have been video cartoons at that didn't show a sufficient love for Allah. Consequently, Pakistan decided to ban in Pakistan. Because the irresponsible Pakistani citizens and infidels could try to open even outside Pakistan, the country decided to
block globally,
except for Larry's town. They hijacked the IP address space of so it didn't work in most of the world between 8 pm and 10 pm, Central European Time.

A BGP route announcement has redirected virtually all of traffic to Pakistan or nowhere. There have been confusing reports that the traffic has been sent to PCCW Telecom of Hong Kong. It was said that the NIC information about was saying:
OK, fine, you might think it could have been a hacker unrelated to the Pakistani government, especially because of the sexy young woman at and the "underground" comments at The website only contains a non-picture. But the author of the report misunderstood what he was looking for: he was looking for all NIC entries that contain as a substring. The other URLs have nothing to do with itself.

Think whatever you want about the exact culprit but if most of the Internet can be fooled in this way by a seemingly remote region at least for several hours, there is a bug in the whole design of the BGP architecture.

If you're affected by the Pakistani government - not by the hypothetical hackers whose impact was temporary - and you want to work again, the Pakistani government offers you a solution. Collect the IDs of all blasphemous videos at, especially those with the Danish cartoons and Benazir Bhutto's speeches, and demand their removal from the administrators. Also, lick the arse of Mr Allah (PBUH). Good luck. ;-)

The mixture of a 7th century religion and the 21st century technology can sometimes be explosive. :-)

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