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Robert Rines: Global warming killed the Loch Ness monster

Legendary Nessie hunter Robert Rines is giving up his search: the monster was killed by global warming.

Daily Record

The Czech intro to The Family Ness.

"The Scot has the skirts, the pipes, and the lake where a mysterious puzzle has been hiding for a long time... An evil monster is said to live there who resembles a dragon. Only Matthew and Pauline know how it looks like... In fact, there are several monsters over there, they are not evil at all, and certainly none of them is monstrous... Who would dislike the Famile Ness? And who wouldn't like to play with us? They're wonderful friends, aren't they?" :-)

A few years ago, this report about the scientific causes of the death of the monster would be a joke that only a tabloid could afford. Today it is a part of mainstream news.

Thanks to Marc Morano.


If the monster is too mundane for you, Swedish geologists use a computer model to argue, in Science, that the shape of Earth's core is a cube! ;-) I would appreciate if someone finds and studies the paper and gives us a rational perspective on this information. It might have a substance but so far it is no coincidence that I grouped it together with this Loch Ness article. ;-)

Update: Another light topic: I just returned from ice-hockey. Our team, Lasselsberger Pilsen, was losing 0:4 against Windows Gottwaldov in the 53rd minute. Now, realizing that there are only 60 minutes, you would bet USD 100,000 that Pilsen can't win, wouldn't you? ;-) Well, we have won 5:4 (even though the last goal was in the 62th minute, so we only receive 2/3 of the points). If you need my account number to send me the money, let me know! :-)

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