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Global warming: 1958 edition

I don't even have to accuse Al Gore of plagiarism. It is enough if you watch an excerpt from Frank Capra's movie "The Unchained Goddess" above. :-)

It is a part of the "Bell Telephone Science Films" series, intended to make baby boomers go to sciences.

Well, the plagiarism by Al Gore is not the only one here. The Gaia hypothesis, named after an unchained Greek Goddess personifying the Earth, was formulated by James Lovelock in the 1960s so he could have been "inspired" by the 1958 movie, too.

What is the difference between this fifty-years-and-two-weeks-old movie and "An Inconvenient Truth"? Well, there is not much difference in the content. Perhaps, "The Unchained Goddess" has flooded the whole Mississippi valley while Al Gore has only flooded Florida after the scene in either movie where the ice caps melt. ;-)

The main difference is that the old movie was aimed at audiences averaging age 12 (elementary school pupils), as the cover seems to make clear and Wikipedia confirms, while Al Gore's movie is aimed at old people whose cognitive abilities got stuck at age of 14.

The second major difference is that the judgement day had to be moved to the future at least by 50 years: Jehovah's Wittnesses have been forced to do similar improvements in their belief system, too.

The third major difference is that back in 1958, the Goddess of Earth was unchained. Today, it is already chained or it is at least pretty close to that new state. ;-(

The fourth difference is that the 1958 actually tried to explain all of weather science while Al Gore's movie only focuses on one politically convenient point. The fifth difference is that the 1958 movie didn't win any major awards.

If you happen to buy the whole DVD from amazon.com, let us know how you liked it. ;-) Incidentally, isn't the Gentleman who asks "This is bad?" the same guy who explained what zombies are in another old movie, Ghost Breakers (1940)? He looks similar to me! :-) Update: Yes, it is indeed a guy called Richard Carlson; with this face recognition, my autism can't be that bad if any. :-)

Hat tip: Marc Morano

Bonus I: President Klaus will be among the speakers at the Heartland Institute conference about climate change in New York next week.

Bonus II: Where's the beef/warming? (CEI)

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