Friday, March 28, 2008

Al Gore, the flat Earth, and a tiny, tiny minority

On Sunday, 7 p.m. ET/PT, CBS will broadcast
Al Gore's message (CBS)
to us, a "tiny, tiny minority" of climate realists. We are so tiny, in fact, that we are almost like those who believe that the Moon landing was shot in Arizona and the world is flat, this monster mind tells us.

Thank you so much for your revealing message, Mr Gore, even though you are not exactly the only person at your intellectual level who is sending me similar messages.

When you listen to him, you can see that this guy must genuinely believe that it is possible to learn how Nature works or settle an argument by sticking with a majority. That's the scientific method, Gore edition.

For example, if you want to know whether the mankind or the German nation can survive without exterminating the Jews, you listen to the leader and to the majority who says "It can't" and to be really sure that you are right, you send the tiny, tiny minority to the same camps as the Jews.

But are those who disagree with Gore a minority? Read the comments at the CBS link above or below a similar article in
An overwhelming majority of the commenters criticize Al Gore, the scientists who follow him, Gore's hypocrisy, Gore's politicization of science, and they offer link to skeptical resources. Some of their wise comments and jokes are pretty good:

Following scientists who back Al Gore is like following the lead lemming to the see, glub glub glub. He didn't run for the president because he didn't want to take the pay cut. Who believes Al Gore's climate science must also believe that he invented the Internet. Al Gore is a moron who has never contributed anything worthwhile when he had a chance. Now he's jumping on any bandwagon that will give him the time to utter his mindless drivel. There is so much in common with religion. The earth has been warming since 1847. Hey Al, greetings from the "tiny" minority that whipped you and Kerry like red headed stepchildren. In reality, after you peel the left wing liberal Hollywood cretins from his bandwagon, the "tiny" group is actually Al's.

Al Gore should be finally "realized" that his 15 minutes of fame are up.

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