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Heartland Institute @ Times Square: climate conference ended last night

The 2008 International Conference on Climate Change Sponsored by The Heartland Institute

March 2 - March 4, 2008
Marriott New York Marquis Times Square Hotel
1535 Broadway, New York City, U.S.A.

Update: Summary for policymakers of Fred Singer's or our Non-governmental International Panel for Climate Change (NIPCC), a distinguished body that has superseded ;-) the IPCC: PDF file. Check out John Tierney's reaction.

Conference website

Investor's Business Daily
Reuters: Roasting Al Gore
CBS & The New York Times had the courage to mention the conference: Andrew Revkin was nearly assassinated by the extremists
Revkin's blog
New: Ronald Bailey's detailed report on Monday's talks (II)
New: Revkin @ NYT reports on Monday's talks
New: Washington Post reports on Monday's talks
New: New York Sun
New: Czech Press Agency (the most balanced coverage)
New: Chris Horner for Human Events
New: Wall Street Journal
New: Alan Caruba (NJ) reports
New: "Ostrich Brigades"
New: UPI (short)
New: WorldNetDaily + Dakota Voice
New: PR-inside
New: Journal Now (NC)
New: Town Hall
Finance Post
Bush has "no opinion" on the conference but NYC is great for the meeting and he will "take steps" on AGW

Participants (bios, 17 pages, speakers include Avery, Ball, Balling, Bellamy, D'Aleo, Ebell, V. Gray, W. Gray, Horner, Idso, Illarionov, Izrael, Klaus, Legates, Lewis, Loehle, McKitrick, Michaels, Milloy, Monckton, Morano, Morris, Murray, Patterson, Peiser, Reiter, Seitz, Singer, Slagle, Soon, Spencer, Stossel, G. Taylor, M. Taylor, Watts, and many others)
9-page schedule, 44-page program
I hope that Al Gore won't manage to organize a terrorist attack against Times Square to advance his dreams about the "scientific consensus".

A new CNN report compares the distinguished conference speakers to the Flat Earth Society. Via NewsBusters.

Last night, Václav Klaus was interviewed by CNN's Glenn Beck (transcript, video above), saying that social scientists should participate in the climate debate because it is a social phenomenon; that it is politically incorrect to be a skeptic; and that he was re-elected anyway. ;-) He also explained why the word "progressive" would only be used by suicidal politicians in the post-communist world.

He also gave the keynote speech on Tuesday morning (CNSnews), received a thunderous standing ovation from roused skeptics, and he will return to Glenn Beck's show on Wednesday night (video).

At the end, the participants have endorsed the Manhattan declaration, recommending the world leaders to abandon all irrational policies and misinformation dictated by the global warming orthodoxy.

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