Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nir Shaviv answers to RealClimate.ORG

Nir Shaviv, professor at the HUJI (click!) and a leading expert in cosmoclimatology, replies to a criticism by RealClimate.ORG.

Get ready for a discussion about the Milky Way and its spiral arms. For example, if you really want to believe that climate change is man-made and dangerous, you should also join RealClimate.ORG in believing that our Galaxy with four major spiral arms has two spiral arms only, a new "consensus science" supported by a "majority of scientists in the world". ;-)

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  1. Just a note. This is not the first time Shaviv discusses this:

    Between all the junk and after a few posts where Shaviv has to explain what he actually did because they didn't get it at first, the discussion starts.

    Unfortunately, RC bails out at some point. "No time". Yeah! :-)