Saturday, March 01, 2008

Tibet: 1.65 million people snowblind or frostbitten

In Tibet, 500,000 animals have died during the harsh winter. 3,100,000 others are on their way.

1,600,000 people in the region are either snowblind or frostbitten. 130,000 have no fuel left, 350,000 are hungry, and 110,000 need extra clothes not to freeze. The local government only has 10% of the money it needs to deal with the weather, offering a brutal example of the importance of wealth for facing any kind of unpleasant or extreme weather.

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Happier news

New South Wales is doing better. Its ski resorts have received some snow. Not bad for a summer.

Upstate New York has edited its record book because of record cold temperatures. Many U.S. towns have endured their snowiest February on record.

But remember: Record cold events can't end global warming worries. A pleasant warm weather should make you more worried but nothing can ever make you less worried as long as you are a nice person who is not corrupt. ;-)

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