Monday, March 10, 2008

UAH & RSS: 0.07 °C m-o-m warming

RSS and UAH agree that February 2008 was 0.07 °C warmer than January 2008, as far as the temperature anomaly goes. In the case of RSS MSU, this still makes February 2008 to be the 2nd coolest month since January 2000, after the record-breaking January 2008.

GISS NASA showed the month-on-month warming as 0.14 °C but with the 0.26 °C anomaly, February 2008 also remains the second coolest month since December 2000, after January 2008.

La Nina has been downgraded from "strong" to "moderate-to-strong" again: see "status". It will continue through Spring 2008 and, according to 50% of the models, to Summer 2008 (or more).

The Sun remains blank of sunspots, with solar flux at 70. A strong solar wind above 600 km/s can make Auroras likely.

Scafetta and West argue in Physics World (March 2008) that the Sun is responsible for up to 69% of the recent warming, depending on the choice of a TSI reconstruction. They look at 11- and 22-year cycles, normally dismissed as noise.

Alexander Ač recommends us a video about the cosmic-climate connection, Svensmark, Shaviv, and others. The program, The Cloud Mystery, has six parts and I am sure you will be able to find them.

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