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Climatology: top eleven at

Nigel Lawson's book is the 23rd bestselling book in the U.K. Congratulations! Now, let's look at the top ten climatology bestsellers at

  1. Roy Spencer, realist (#116)
  2. Bjorn Lomborg, realist (#959)
  3. Fred Singer, realist (#1324)
  4. Brian Fagan, neutral (#6156), a book about the little ice age
  5. James Lovelock, Gaia priest (#8706)
  6. Wallace Broeckner, alarmist (#9202)
  7. Mark Lynas, alarmist loon (#10308)
  8. Patrick Michaels, realist (#12027)
  9. Tim Flannery, alarmist loon (#16135)
  10. Henrik Svensmark, realist (#16309)
  11. Dennis Avery and Fred Singer, realists (#19266)
Not bad. Recall that the number of books sold per day scales like average_rank^{-1/2} which means that Roy Spencer's book is sold roughly 9 times more than the first alarmist books by Lovelock or Broeckner.

Via Michael Tobis.

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