Thursday, April 10, 2008

Miluše Netolická: first Czech woman on the North Pole

Today, Ms Miluše Netolická (34), a developer corporation's CEO for trade, became the first Czech woman to conquer the North Pole in the athletic way, together with two Czech men.
"The cool temperature here is really cruel, about -40 °C [-40 °F, a fixed point haha], and it was the worst problem on our journey (together with the bears). I couldn't even imagine it was that cold. Thanks God that at least the wind has stopped. Now I am dreaming about a warm bathtub."
Obviously, she doesn't care much about the vintage airplane than needed almost an hour to refuel and that they have to wait for another - Russian - aircraft that will come late if it will come at all. Their group - uniformly connected with the Central Group corporation - was going with dogs and shooting a documentary.

We will still have to wait for the first Czech female who will reach the pole and think that it is too warm because of global warming. ;-) If you remember, a stupid Norwegian woman and a stupid American woman didn't quite reach the North Pole because of frostbite but they are still ready to pray a global warming prayer.

The first Czech man to reach the North Pole, Miroslav Jakeš, saw it for the first time in 1993 and he is returning there right now, for the sixth time (in another group; there is also a third Czech group over there).

Meanwhile, South Korea sent its first astronaut to space. The male candidate was stealing books from the Russians so they sent a woman, Yi So-yeon, instead. ;-)

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