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Petroleus mostensis 2007: Jiří Hodač

Children of the Earth ("Děti země"), a well-known Czech environmentalist organization with headquarters in my hometown of Pilsen, announced the winners of its anti-contest,

Petroleus Mostensis 2007.
The award is named after a new kind of a sea lion - the oil seal ("ropák"), more precisely "muddophilic oil seal" ("ropák bahnomilný") - that has evolved either from bunnies or from otters in polluted areas of Northern Bohemia and that loves to eat coal and drink gasoline, as explained in Mr Jan Svěrák's 1988 fake documentary often translated as "The Oil Gobblers" ("Ropáci").

Incidentally, it would be impossible to shoot these dirty scenes in Czechia of 2008. The difference between communism and capitalism is striking.

So who has won the oil seal?

Their choice of the winner proves that global warming is not a terribly important topic of the Czech environmentalists. Even though Czech President Václav Klaus was nominated for his crusade against the global warming religion (and his book about the blue planet in green chains in particular) - and also Ms Kateřina Neumannová, a ski champion who transferred tons of snow from mountains to the Prague Castle for her rare ski competition was a hot candidate -, the winner is Mr Jiří Hodač, a deputy minister of transportation who has threatened to sue NGOs for the losses caused by the NGOs' participation in proceedings about new roads and buildings.

No person outside Czechia knows anything about this problem. In fact, almost no one in the Czech Republic knows about these activities of Hodač either. Or about himself. At any rate, congratulations to Mr Jiří Hodač, to Ms Kateřina Neumannová who won the silver medal, and Mr Václav Klaus with the bronze medal.

The Green Pearl 2007

However, Václav Klaus also won, at least another price called "The Green Pearl" for the most brilliant anti-green sentence of the year. He won it for the sentence that became globally famous because of a translation on this blog, namely
"I don't see any destruction of the planet, I have never seen it, and I don't think that a sensible and serious person might say that he has."
Note that while this sentence played an important role in that well-known and precious interview, it is not specifically linked to global warming either. Children of the Earth simply don't seem to be too certain about global warming.

Congratulations to Prof Klaus, too!

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