Saturday, April 05, 2008

RSS MSU: 0.08 deg C warming in March

RSS MSU satellite data show that as far as the temperature anomaly goes, March 2008 was globally 0.08 °C warmer than February 2008 but still cool enough to be colder than any month between 2001 and 2007 except for July 2004. Q1 of 2008 was the coldest Q1 since Q1 of 1997.

Buckingham Palace. Worst U.K. April snow in two decades.

Some sunspots have appeared in the Solar Cycle 24 but they are very limited again. La Nina has been downgraded to a moderate La Nina, even though the tropics (20°N - 20°S) saw the coldest month since 1989. The Northern Hemisphere experienced the warmest month since July 2007, the Southern Hemisphere witnessed the coldest month since June 1999 and the third coldest month since 1985 and something like the fifth coldest month on the record (since 1979).


  1. Sorry, this is not really related to your immediate post, but I just came accross this, and you seem to be the person who could best explain it:

    What the f**k is happening?

    I thought the Czechs had the stats to prove to be the most 'reason-able' nation in the world (i.e. fewest people who believe in fairy tales called religion). Yet, this video claims to be a Czech SCIENTIST who converted to Islam....because he just 'knew' he was a Muslim!!!!

    Who is this guy?

    IS he a scientist?

    What went wrong?

    Please, let me know! It just looks insane!

  2. Dear xanthippa, thanks. I know this video, a kind of funny.

    Saying that Czechs are the most reasonable nation in the world is almost certainly an exaggeration. In some sense, they're the most average nation in the world which often brings some advantages and balance.

    But believe me that this particular nutcase is an exception and you would be hard pressed to find the second (Czech) one with the same kind of beliefs. Moreover, I am convinced that such people exist in all nations and Czechia is indeed among the most immune nations against various Muslim-like things.

    In most nations, there are not the right people around who would dare to make fun out of the "scientists" such as one you mentioned. In the Islamic countries it is because their opinions are pretty much official and in much of the Western world, it is because it is politically incorrect to suggest that many Muslims, including those with a degree or two, are usually nuts. However, it is OK - and I believe, in this case, desirable - to make fun out of a Czech.

    All the best

  3. Let me mention that there are probably people who are more crazy than the Muslim above.

    For example, ing. Ivo Benda (ing. is an engineering degree) believes that he was captured by aliens with the "forces of light" who want to make everyone on Earth nice.

    It's not just him: this messenger of the nice extraterrestrials has created a kind of sect around him with dozens if not hundreds of members. ;-) (I linked to an interview of this Czech by a Slovak TV.)

    He explains the conditions of "merger" with the UFOs. You must avoid meat and liquidate negative things form your apartment, namely books with killing and porn journals. After he eliminated these things, he was able to connect with the UFOs through his chest - and afterwards, he could finally communicate with the UFOs. Every person can do so and connect with the friends from the Universe. However, those creatures are so full of love that they cannot come here without your invitation. You must ask these friends - loudly or in your mind - and you can talk with them without or with a pen.

    How did the Universe People get here and where they came from? - There are many of them around. The Earth, who is a living woman, is sick because of bad ideas of people. So the woman, the Earth, called the friendly Universe people to help the Earth and to us. They came us by these ships (he shows a flying soucer). Right now, there are about two fleets with 100,000 flying soucers or so.

    One of them is Ashter Sheran or what - Benda is a member - and he shows the boss of this fleet, a nice Universe man who collaborates with Benda since 1997. It's on the (Universe People).

    Benda regularly attends both of them on the two spaceships that alternate every 6 months. He meets them during sleeping when they pick his body - and he can be there for 3 days or a week (they have a different time). ...

    And so on and so on and now imagine 2 hours of this stuff on a TV. ;-) Benda is one of the recipients of the Erratic Boulders, antiprize for paranormal nuts distributed by Sisyfos.

  4. I should have linked to the English version of the Universe People website. ;-) Enjoy.