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Windows Live Writer

I am going to recommend the blogging readers a nice WYSIWYG product, Windows Live Writer, that can co-operate with all known blogging platforms including The best possible choice for you is to download all four

Windows Live products,

namely Windows Live Mail that replaces all previous Microsoft mailing programs, Windows Live Messenger that replaces all the previous Windows/MSN messengers, Windows Live Photo Gallery that replaces Vista's Windows Photo Gallery (or Picasa2 by Google), and Windows Live writer that I have already mentioned.

DSCF0101 It allows you to view the documents either as the HTML source, or WYSIWYG without any CSS styles, or WYSIWYG with automatically imported CSS styles from your blog, or WYSIWYG including the sidebar and other subtleties on your blog. Hopefully, you can also insert pictures like Sacré-Coeur on the left including automatic shadows.

See a screenshot.

Tables are among the objects that you can include. If I have had the program when I was writing about some physics news, especially those about Mike Duff's new paper, I could have easily included the following table that would otherwise take a lot of time:

d=2 d=3 d=4 d=5 d=6

10 OSp(8|2)²





6 OSp(4|2)²


4 OSp(2|2)² OSp(1|4)

3 OSp(1|2)²

This table from Duff's recent paper summarizes the superconformal groups of d-dimensional worldvolumes in D-dimensional spacetimes.

One of many by-products of using this product is that I learned how to access all the images uploaded to they are at

Finally, the Microsoft products are automatically updated together with Windows via Windows Update.

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