Thursday, April 17, 2008

Václav Klaus: Blauwe planeet in groene kluisters

Wat wordt bedreigd? Het klimaat of de vrijheid?

For all of our Dutch friends: the Dutch language has joined Czech and German.
Buy for EUR 19.95 from Quantes.NL
Czech president's book, The Blue Planet in Green Chains (or The Blue, Not Green Planet), has been published in Dutch, too. Václav Klaus will sign copies of the book on Monday 4/21, at 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm in the building of Selexyz the bookstore, de Passage 39, 2511 AD, The Hague (map).

The English version of the book will be launched in Washington D.C., at the end of May. Somewhat less importantly ;-), the Polish language is on the way, too.


  1. All right!

    I cannot wait to get it (as is the case for my son)!!! If it was going to take much longer, I was going to offer to do the traslation to English myself.... ;o)

  2. Talking about interesting books: have you read 'The Liberal Mind: The psychological causes of political madness'? It is written by a psychiatrist/forensic psychiatrist who demonstrates how the 'socialist/liberal' mode of thinking is actually caused by serious mental problems....and could plausibly be classified as 'mental illness'.

    Yes, I do realize this is not much of a surprise to those who had lived under socialism, but...'the West' never understood why it was that the 'socialist' experiment failed....and blamed - predictably - Raegan and Thatcher for having undermined the 'right thing'...

    I wonder if this is the beginning of 'the West' actually reasoning things out and realizing that things MUST get better simply because the society muzzles people who say 'uncomfortable' things....