Friday, April 11, 2008

Victoria Lindsay, Lakeland, Florida vs 6+2: why

For several Czech media outlets, the shocking story from Florida is the #1 news right now. Some of them, such as iDNES, use Bill O'Reilly's show as the ultimate source of information which I find sensible. ;-)

If you haven't heard about it, six girls didn't like what their friend, another cheerleader, wrote on MySpace. So together with two male lookouts, they "detained" her, beat her up so that she was sometimes unconscious (and couldn't hear and see properly), and posted the resulting video on YouTube. They will be treated as adults and some of them may hypothetically get a life in prison (which is not too likely but possible).

I can't imagine what she could have written so bad about them because anything bad that you can say about these "people" is almost certainly accurate. :-) Their behavior is animalistic, it is an example of pack mentality of the worst edition.

In fact, I can tell you what she almost certainly wrote. It wasn't any criticism of loop quantum gravity or similar crackpot nonsense even though loads of dopes get upset about these things, too. Victoria wrote something simpler, namely that her boyfriend was cheating on her with one (or more?) of her friends. The latter, female friend(s) got really angry and organized the whole event. Needless to say, much like in the case of loop quantum gravity, Victoria was right: the boyfriend was cheating on her, indeed.

The MySpace pages are here:
When you use the addresses of the suspects in any way, I encourage you to realize that the families are not really responsible for the event and that the teenagers themselves will hopefully have a fair but hard trial.

Meanwhile, the parents are upset about the Internet companies - probably because they were told by their lawyer that they have the deepest pockets - and that their daughter's MySpace account has been hacked. I don't have any proof here but I simply don't buy it. At any rate, my compassion goes to them, too.


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  2. Againsttrojans, thanks for your warning. I erased it. It was giving me a Firefox warning but there are false alarms and I wasn't sure enough it was a reason to delete it in advance. All the best, Lubos