Saturday, May 31, 2008

Australian ABC: Al Gore should die at age 3

Some news from the Goremon religion.
Planet Slayer (click!)
is a new website designed by the Australian ABC television station for children that calculates when a kid or another person should die (a newspaper report). A Mr Schpinkee who is clearly mentally challenged and who looks like a rabbit but who has nevertheless been hired as a professor ;-) asks you about the person's meat and gasoline consumption, his income, and flying habits, among similar quantities.

A capitalist imperialist pig on the picture is growing according to the person's "carbon footprint". At the end, it tells you when the person should die.

I've checked Al Gore and he should die at age 3 or so (even though the correct inverse proportionality law would probably lead to the result of a few weeks). While I tend to qualitatively agree with this particular conclusion (yes, it seems that it's already too late), I don't think it is ethical to feed Australian children with this morbid garbage. The best thing I can advise the creators of the website is to follow their own recommendation when they should die. Thank you very much: the average Aussie is told to die at age 9.3 years and the website is dedicated to 9-year old kids, giving the lucky average ones 4 more months to live. Incidentally, your humble correspondent would probably have some additional years to live. ;-)

Is this exercise really expected from 9-year-old kids? At that age, I cared about differential equations and the exponentials of complex numbers.

Hat tip: Anthony Watts

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