Saturday, May 03, 2008

Boris Johnson: Kill a cow and save the world

Boris Johnson has been elected mayor of an English city whose name happens to be London. ;-) Here is his somewhat entertaining perspective on the religion of global warming:
If you want to be green, kill a cow
And here is one more article by the same author about the same topic:
We've lost our fear of hellfire, but put climate change in its place
Johnson is particularly scared because his mother-in-law was no one else than Gaia (Gaia Servadio, mother of his first wife Allegra Mostyn-Owen). ;-)

They have been making fun out of him (and so was he) but he ran an original campaign focusing on crime and openness and he won.

But of course, truth to be told, he also dressed a green shirt to make his city greener and nicer and, less importantly, to produce less CO2. ;-)


  1. The climate realist won ... I guess the Brits aren't that stupid afterall.

  2. Unfortunately the majority of Londoners proved themselves very stupid in electing Boris.

    Britain was governed by aristocratic fools and farts for much of the twentieth century. They did nothing for ordinary Britons because they weren't ordinary Britons, and they had no empathy because they'd never seen the need.

    I'm sure Londoners will be more wise next time round (but Boris will still be a fool).