Thursday, May 08, 2008

Dark Blue World

I just saw the Dark Blue World (2001), the most expensive Czech movie ever shot (EUR 8 million), for the first time. It is a powerful story.

Recall that over 2,400 Czechoslovak pilots have served in the Royal Air Force.

The movie starts in 1939 when Czechoslovakia has to surrender to the Third Reich. Many pilots have moved to England. A rather frustrating story about their friendship and love during those hard times is mixed with scenes from 1950 when the pilots-survivors were already arrested by the communist regime because they were too infected by the freedom and democracy.

In some sense, it was the least lucky group of heroes ever. They did the best thing they could, they have helped to win the war, and still, they were punished by everyone, including their girlfriends and their homeland. Sad and touching.

More YouTube videos.

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