Sunday, May 11, 2008

Gore - Pelosi - Gingrich illegal commercial

Nancy Pelosi faces elections in June. Any coordinated expenditure (click this link, it contains the whole NY Sun story!) such as this commercial is legally understood as donation. Companies' (such as the Alliance for Climate Protection's) donations to candidates that exceed USD 2,300 are prohibited by the federal election law.

The last thing you have to check is whether the appropriate fraction of USD 300,000,000 is more than USD 2,300. ;-) I would guess it is.

The comments by Gore's people that they deserve an exception because it is a "non-partisan" issue are extremely bizarre. First of all, there is no loophole in the law for "non-partisan" promotion of the candidates. Second of all, this is in no way a non-partisan issue - it is a radical environmentalist issue promoted by Pelosi and a Republican egomaniacal blowhard sellout.

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