Saturday, May 03, 2008

Interviews with Nobel prize winners

The Nobel prize journalists like to make interviews with the laureates about philosophical issues:

In the video above, Mather and Smoot - the 2006 physics winners - explain that cosmology doesn't remove beauty from the world because they still love hot chocolate and forests.

Smoot himself gave a 48-minute (includes forewords) lecture at Berkeley. Around 32:20, he says that he has students trying to search for cosmic strings which might give us a window to the early Universe or even become an example of a superstring. Then he switches into funny comments about the relationships between cosmology and the Vatican. They ask him what he got the prize for and he says that he hasn't read the citation yet. ;-)

Steven Weinberg argues that the world is pointless. This tragic picture of the world according to physics is similar to the picture by Shakespeare. ;-)

Giant Magnetoresistance is important. Grünberg and Fert explain the relationships between markets and physics. Grünberg didn't know that MP3 players and iPods use their know-how. Some applause doesn't hurt, either.

John Nash was also interviewed. See more TheNobelPrize videos.

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