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London-Brooklyn: a wormhole

If you're in London or New York, you should definitely check the telectroscope, a wormhole built by St George ;-) and connecting the Brooklyn Bridge with the Tower Bridge, and tell us how it works.

They say that there are no displays involved but probably a lot of optical fibers. Officially, there is a long tunnel. ;-) If this is not a kind of webcam, then I have no idea how it works. Can you imitate a lot of mirrors by fibers?

OK, I will stick to the old kind of physics that I know and prefer to believe that it is a webcam, after all. ;-)

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snail feedback (2) :

reader arivero said...

The first tunnel of this kind I heard about was the one connecting Xerox PARC coffee room with some twin coffee room in Europe (or was it in the East coast?).kb

reader Kiini said...

quote from a newspaper report:
"Of course, the exhilarating back story is complete fiction, created by the artist and Artichoke Creative Company.
Cutting-edge fiber-optics, not a 3,000 mile tunnel lined with mirrors, create this jaw-dropping artistic example of "steam punk." ...
Pads and markers are available at the device so you can commuincate with people across the pond. Posting cell phone numbers and chatting with strangers on the other side of the lens has become quite popular."

It's up until June 15 and it's open 24 hours. I went on a Sunday afternoon and was invited to tea. I responded by inviting the British folks on the other side of the lens to come cross the Brooklyn Bridge. It was fun.