Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Root for America

CNN Money thinks that Wayne Root will be the likely presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party - out of 5 options they consider. So I opened his campaign website,
Root for America
and he seems to be a fun candidate. He may be saying similar things as Ron Paul did but he seems more charismatic and articulate.

From his free-market-based recipes, I chose his comments about global warming:

Isn't it an energizing speech? By the way, Nigel Calder, a fellow skeptic as of 2008, is included among the environmentalists who have predicted crazy things in the past. ;-) Some of these examples (and many more) are summarized in Václav Klaus's new book. It almost looks like Root has already read it.

Now, I find it unlikely that a third party candidate would be chosen in November. Also, I respect many readers who are faithful voters of the GOP. But in my opinion, 2008 could be the appropriate time when many people could gather and vote for a third party candidate to show their disagreement with certain tendencies of the current America.

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