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Václav Klaus: Blue planet in green shackles

What Is Endangered: Climate or Freedom?

Update: In D.C., Václav Klaus explained that he is no skeptic - instead, he is resolutely against it and the word "skeptic" is an understatement - and invited Al Gore to debate climate change (video of the full NPC event). Thanks to Benjamin, DrudgeReport
Finally, here are some facts about the new book written by the Czech President. English is finally joining Dutch, German, and Czech. When you're reading this sentence, Polish, Russian, and Spanish translations exist, too. Unfortunately, the clever picture of the blue planet in green chains doesn't appear on the cover.

CEI, the publisher, is now selling the book for USD 13 via, click on the left side! Only 17,000 copies are printed to start with. Because of an efficient use of paper, it only has 100 pages.

The witty book is looking at all kinds of environmentalist questions from a well-known economist's viewpoint: why resources can't really be exhausted (the Stone Age didn't end when people ran out of stones - Lomborg), why people's desire for a better life drives and will drive the technological progress, why politicians have no credentials (and abilities) to deterimne how life should look like in the far future, what costs-benefit analysis tells us about global warming, why a decent warming would be beneficial for mankind, why we need to discount the future, what crazy things the greens have said throughout the decades and what is their common mistake, what are the analogies between environmentalism and communism, and so on.

Many interesting quotes by both sides are included. The author gives a lot of evidence for his assertion that it is freedom, not the climate, that is endangered. Fred Smith, the president of CEI that published the book, wrote the foreword.

On Tuesday, May 27th, Mr Klaus presented the book at 12:30 pm at the
National Press Club
in Washington D.C.: see the video. He met Ben Bernanke, the Fed boss, and Edwin Feulner who is the president of the Heritage Foundation.

On Wednesday, he will receive the Julian Simon Award from the
Competitive Enterprise Institute.
Klaus's keynote speech is titled "Is Schumpeter's Vision of the End of Capitalism Relevant?" Sorry, the dinner ticket costs USD 25,000 if you want the standard platinum quality. I hesitated a bit and finally decided to have some salami instead. ;-)

On Thursday, Mr Klaus will meet the American journalists and Brookings Institution's Strobe Talbott.

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snail feedback (5) :

reader Anonymous said...

As eager as I am to get my hands on a copy of this book, I cannot find it here! does not have it. Chapters does not have it. The small book stores don't know how to order it....

Would you happen to know the English version's ISBN# ? Or any places one could order it from? Though, the ISBN# should be sufficient for many of the smaller stores to locate a distributor....

This would be VERY appreciated - ever since I linked to your post on it (and other blogs linked to mine), I have been bombarded with questions where to find a copy of the book for sale!!!


reader Luboš Motl said...

Dear Xant.,

thanks! I don't know a place that actually sells it on the Internet right now.

But the ISBN codes are available at (click).

reader Anonymous said...

You can order this book by going to Then just call the number listed on the bottom of their webpage: 202-331-1010 and you can order the book from a staff member. I just ordered a copy and it cost $12.95. They just printed them last week and they aren't available anywhere else as of yet. Hope that helps. I can't wait to get my copy.

reader Jeremy.D.Thompson said...


do you know of any good graduate schools in the Czech Republic? I want to get a masters degree in philosophy or theology. Any advice?

reader Anonymous said...

Thank you!

I cannot wait to get a hold of this book! local bookstore says it cannot get it, Barnes and Noble, Chapters and Amazon are 'out of stock'.....and the book distributor recommended eBay as my best bet to get a hold of a copy!

I will not give up, though! If I cannot get a copy in English, I'll try in one of the other three languages: Czech, Dutch or German. Czech and Dutch would be easier, but I guess I'll brush up on any one of these three (and, well, by brush up, I mean do some serious studying)!

Thank you again for all the helpful info! It is much appreciated!

Dekuji pekne!


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