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AP and Tom Chałko: global warming and earthquakes

The Associated Press decided to promote an übercrackpot called Tom Chałko (Australia) and his new, groundbreaking two-page paper.

Update: CBSnews have removed the article. Moreover, CBSnews insist that the story came from the AP while the AP denies it. See a backup from Yahoo. The MarketWire story seems to be alive at dozens of places, e.g. at MSNBC.

Video 1: More clips from 10.5 apocalypse here...

Global warming is apparently causing earthquakes and their energy has increased by 400 percent in two decades, as the Gentleman learned, among many other revolutionary findings.

The rest can be seen in 10.5 Apocalypse (see an excerpt above) that is just being aired on Czech TV NOVA (the 2nd part is aired tonight) which is why I posted it here. ;-) Global warming is speeding up continental drift 1 trillion times, America will be divided into two pieces by a new ocean next week. Add earthquakes, floods, evaporating lakes, gigantic tsunami, breaking dams and collapsing founding fathers, holes in the continent, erupting volcanoes, and so on. :-)

I love these movies but the existence - and, in fact, huge number - of the people who are completely unable to distinguish fiction from reality drives me up the wall.

Tom Chalko Elegant ShirtHow difficult would it be for the AP journalists to open, enter Chałko's name, and see that his most famous paper is "No second chance? Can Earth explode as a result of global warming" (2001) with 4 citations, 3 of which are self-citations and the fourth citation is a book about the importance of the reality of UFO where Chałko's paper was reprinted?

The picture on the left shows the master himself in his own famous elegant T-shirt.

The paper I mentioned is about the same topic, namely that global warming overheats the planet's interior. ;-) How difficult is it to multiply the surface of Earth, 510e12 m2, by Hansen's conjectured imbalance 0.8 W/m2 to obtain 4e12 W? And how difficult is to divide this number by the heat capacity of Earth that is close to 4e27 J/K to obtain 1e-15 K/s (or 3e-8 K per year) warming rate? And to see that it is zero for all conceivably practical purposes?

Is it really necessary to use the term "scientist" for entertaining, likable, but complete lunatics who study human auras and their self-healing ability to restore the perfect health (except for the brain) and the unlimited potential of your mind, cure all the diseases (buy the book on the left side), give your life a purpose, and who are windsurfing addicts (haven't we seen this somewhere already)? ;-)

I guess that the "journalists" at the Associated Press will have something to explain. Or maybe not. They may already be reading their auras in order to be bioresonant. And they are reading The Freedom of Choice for the 10th time because the book gets better every time you read it. This Chałko stuff may be the new AP scientific standard. See also Climate Audit.

By the way, the earthquake energy hasn't increased, of course. Read the FAQ by USGS who are responsible for seismology. The total energy is dominated by earthquakes at 7.0 or higher and they haven't increased - they have actually decreased a bit in recent years. However, many small earthquakes went undetected in the past.

Hat tip: Marc Morano

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