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Climate skeptic: Don't panic

The readers of various climate realist blogs may already know this 10-minute video created by and posted by Coyoteblog - these two websites actually have the same person behind them unless I misunderstand something. ;-)

But I found it so insightful that you might enjoy it, too. It discusses the importance of feedbacks, why most of them are negative, and what contrived things you have to assume if you want to believe that climate sensitivity significantly exceeds 1 °C.

If you like this 10-minute demo, you are also recommended to watch a more extensive but equally excellent version of this video,

What is normal? (A critique of catastrophic man-made global warming theory, 1 hour, playlist).
In this program, there's a lot of stuff about the measurements of temperature, statistics, consistency of proxies with instrumental measurements, bias and adjustability of climate models, and consistency checks involving various methods to determine the climate sensitivity.

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