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Craigslist scammers

I was trying to sell a heavy object X through (plus other advert servers) and a particular person was interested in it. Surprisingly, he seemed to be American. ;-)

After a day of waiting for more photographs, he told me that he loved X and he would send me a cheque for 2P where P is the price I demanded. I would send P back to him via Western Union and as soon as he would receive it, someone would pick X in Pilsen.

He didn't seem to care about any details concerning the amount of money (and fees) he would have to pay or any geographic or logistical details and didn't sound particularly charming or intelligent through the cell phone (the number can't be determined).

If you have similar attractive offers, I recommend you to read the craigslist fraud warning and politely reject those offers! ;-)

The cheque would be fake and, which is what I didn't quite realize for a while, its falsity would be only discovered many weeks after I (or you) would pay P back to him.

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