Thursday, June 12, 2008

Feynman and Fermi: radio play

I recommend you a neat radio play about the Manhattan project:
Atomic bombers (real audio, 2 hours)
LATW plays at KPCC (website)
Real Player is required. Download it from and you will also be able to record the program. That may be helpful because the files will disappear from the website in about a week (or 3 months?).

Also starring: Bethe, Oppenheimer, Compton, and others.

I could probably say that the actor is not Richard Feynman but it is a cute cartoon, anyway. His "okay" sounds authentic and the facts are also fine as all readers of Feynman's books can tell.

At the beginning, the right solution is the solution that is more "conservative" - these were good times! - they just don't know which one is conservative. Czechoslovakia plays quite a role in the argument.

The Einstein accent is pretty cool, too. But you should listen...

Thanks to: Senderista

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