Sunday, June 01, 2008

Jiří Zonyga wins the Czech X-factor

The first Czech X-Factor (videos) has its winner. In the Final Night, Mr Jiří (George) Zonyga, a truck driver, performed Nothing Else Matters by Metallica and two Czechoslovak songs, Karel Kryl's Morituri te salutant and Husličky.

Zonyga is great but I choose a different best song of the evening, Ondřej Ruml's version of Mika's Grace Kelly.

Much like in the case of Don't Worry, Be Happy, the video above mixes the two versions very madly yet very smoothly. I am impressed even by someone's ability to mix the two versions so well within an hour or so. I think that Ruml was by far the most musically sophisticated - and least out-of-tune - contestant.

When I mentioned Mika, the most typical topic is his sexual orientation. He is believed to be gay and gay activists are sending him death threats, trying to force him to be open about it. I think that their activity is really disgusting. His orientation, whatever it is, is his private issue, no one should be obliged to be open about it or even proud about it - don't ask, don't tell - and the pressure from the activists is more hurtful than anything that Mika has seen from the heterosexual homophobes. That's another example in which "progressive" activists are less human and more totalitarian than the hypothetical "discrimination" that they try to counteract.

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