Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Global warming: slogans of the day

A few amazing links from the last 24 hours:
I am normally against euthanasia but it simply seems to me that there is no other help for the people who are writing most of the stuff above. It's literally pandemics. The society should urgently put these people into quarantine, hoping that it is not too late.

Global warming is causing a lot of things, especially if you notice that no one has seen Him at least for 10 years. ;-)

Incidentally, GISTEMP thinks that June 2008 was 0.13 °C cooler than May 2008, disagreeing with the satellite teams that reported around 0.1 °C of month-on-month warming as well as HadCRUT3's 0.036 °C of warming. If a 0.2 °C error can accumulate in one month, is it so hard for a 0.6 °C error to emerge in 100 years?


  1. "Global warming bolsters Californian glaciers (oops)"

    You actually think this is an "oops"? Did you even read the article? The (actually some) glaciers are warmer, but are getting more snow. Oops!

  2. It's f'n cold, where's this miracle of global warming? Record lows here, so maybe you should call it "climate change". Only religious idiots believe the earth has been around for a couple thousand years and has never changed, with similar patterns that are being used to scare the idiots. (this is where someone calls me an idiot)

    The worst thing that happens is that the earth removes us ("us" being humans) and starts anew. (this is where someone makes some reference to me dying) I'll be glad when the "last chance" has passed, so we can move on.

    I live about 300 miles inland, so I'm hoping on owning some beachfront property before I die. Fat chance!