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Hewlett-Packard: Czechia wins Euro 2008

According to

Hewlett-Packard (click),
the Czech Republic became the winner of the Euro 2008 tournament. In the final, previously unbeaten Czechia comfortably defeated France.

Hewlett-Packard has used a more accurate method to determine the winner of each 90-minute match than their Swiss and Austrian colleagues.

The soccer referees can't always be trusted so they, together with the equally untrustworthy "players", were replaced by 3 major soccer websites per country whose responsiveness was measured directly by the Hewlett-Packard servers. This procedure guaranteed that the tournament was quite objective.

While the winner in the real world of bits and bytes was Czechia, in the other, virtual, approximate "meatspace", it was Spain that won the tournament after beating Germany in the final.

The best team of Czechia was more than 10 times more responsive than the worst team of Croatia, proving the importance of application management for soccer championships. :-)

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