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Sunday: Questioning the science of climate change

An Australian TV program (playlist, 3 parts, 22 minutes in total, click)
Jennifer Marohasy is among the global warming infidels who are interviewed and she says a couple of wise things, too.

Incidentally, Hospodářské noviny, the Czech counterpart of the Wall Street Journal, informed about NASA's data showing H1 of 2008 as the coolest half-year in 12 years.

They have also included a poll: whom do you consider closer to the truth concerning global warming? Václav Klaus defeated Al Gore 70% vs 30%. It seems that among educated and affluent Czech readers, there is pretty much a consensus. ;-)

The article interviews Ladislav Metelka, the only Czech professional alarmist, who argues that the Sun is behind the cooling. Milan Šálek, another weather scientist, warns that we haven't seen a volcano eruption for quite some time. Its (cooling) effect would be much more significant than the greenhouse effect, he says.

Graph of the day

Gapminder: income per capita vs CO2 emissions per capita (see also PDF for 2003).

You can see that virtually all countries are very close to a particular straight line. ;-) The countries above the line are the oil-rich places that can waste oil; the countries below the line are small islands where they don't have to travel much and places with a lot of nuclear power plants.

In fact, this line doesn't even change much if you push the button and return a few decades into the past (or press "Play"). You may also see where you end up if you reduce your emissions by 80% as certain mentally unstable people - such as a former U.S. vice-president - propose.

Global warming pseudoscientific parasites and their flatulent cows in Wales have sucked additional USD 100 million of taxpayers' money: BBC.

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