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LHC will be launched on September 10th

The New York Times inform about the date. By the way, all sectors are now at 1.9 K or so except for 81 that warmed up to 3 K in average again...

Original text (August 2nd, 2008):
27 pretty hi-res LHC pictures

Photos: see Boston Globe (click!)
See also LHC panoramic pictures, LHC alarmists about the irrational hysteria, and the LHC category of articles.

All sectors except for 78 are at 1.9 K. The sector 78 is still at 4 Kelvins, too hot.

Sorry, this blog will be silent (and pre-moderated) for a week, until next Friday: vacations in North Africa. Meanwhile, have a nice time, especially the friends in the TRF community!

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