Saturday, August 16, 2008

Greenhouse paramilitia recommended to Australia

The director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, a government-funded think tank (or, more precisely, a place where all thinking tanks), and his collaborator have recommended new greenhouse brownshirts to protect Australia and the world:
Greenhouse cops needed on planetary beat
These paramilitary units, originally proposed by Tim Flannery as the global carbon regulating military junta, are required to "manage carbon markets" and these "will require compliance and enforcement".

It seems that the mad cow disease has been just transmitted to humans in Australia and the new mutated version of the disease should better be treated analogously to the original mad cow disease before it's too late. I really hope that the existing epidemiological methods and institutions and the existing police is enough to do the job.

Incidentally, some of the new cops' competencies are supposed to deal with the fraud in the market with carbon indulgences. That's surely a nice goal but we must ask: Much like in the case of the markets with human flesh, wouldn't it be a more sensible approach to start with banning these black markets?

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