Thursday, August 07, 2008

SoCal: global warming escalates: 433 °C

FoxNews has a very interesting "most read" story at this moment.
LA Times add a map and a video
As you know, the climate warmed up by something like 0.6 °C during the last century. But as Marx Gore and Hansen Engels warned us, the warming would escalate.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment is here. Places in Southern California have warmed up to 433 °C (812 °F). I am curious about your explanation - probably related to geology and volcanoes that are nearby.

The authors of 10.5 apocalypse who envisioned the continental drift to be sped up by a factor of one trillion may have underestimated Mother Nature, too! ;-)

In the poll above, dozens of people have answered that the 812 °F heat is caused by the greenhouse effect. It would be interesting to know how many of them were kidding and how many of them are true hardcore nuts who are still able to open this blog. But we will probably never know. ;-)

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