Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tabarka, Tunisia & Pilsen, Czechia

Your humble correspondent is back from Tabarka, Tunisia. What a beautiful place and weather. The sea was clean, the sky was blue, the sunscreen was badly needed on the beaches, and the temperature was 25 °C higher than what we got after we returned to a cloudy Central Europe.

While AGW hysterics like an Oliver Nutcase Tickell claim that "the idea that we could adapt to a 4 °C rise [in a few centuries] is absurd and dangerous", the Czechs not only manage to adapt to a 25 °C rise in a few hours and they enjoy it but they also pay non-trivial money for such six-times-lethal excursions. ;-)

There are thousands of Czech tourists over there at every moment of time, including at least two hotels that are entirely "Czech", with the Czech language being the 4th most important language after Arabic, French, and Italian. Too bad we haven't been a colonial power so far.

English is only powerful with important jobs such as the receptionists etc. but there's a lot of international brands written in English around. You shouldn't imagine that such countries are loaded with zealous terrorists. ;-) The economical system in Tunisia is a third-way mixture led by Ben Ali, a socialist dictator.

Because of reasons I consider confidential, we also had an authentic lunch in "our" Arab family in a nearby village.

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