Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ecovandalism becomes legal in the U.K.

Greenpeace celebrates that six ecovandals who have made about GBP 30,000 criminal damage to the Kingsnorth coal power plant (as counted by the costs of removal) were declared not guilty!

The jury decided that they were saving the world, so it was fine to damage the smokestack by painting ("Gordon bin it", but they failed to write "bin it" in time).

See Google News.

Wow. James Hansen played an important role of an "expert" witness in this story. He has participated at many fringe left-wing events in the past, too. In fact, it can be said that James Hansen is the spiritual father of this particular act of eco-terror. One year ago, he said:
It seems to me that young people, especially, should be doing whatever is necessary to block construction of dirty (no CCS) coal-fired power plants.
Let's hope that someone will paint their noses red to really save the world.

Hat tip: Tom Nelson
See also: Watts: NASA, fire Hansen

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  1. "ecoterrorism"? please. the concept of terrorism has been stretched almost to its breaking point these days. were any human beings endangered, injured, or killed? uh, no.

    just because a crime is committed in the name of "the environment" does not mean it's "eco-terror," any more than some guy punching me in the nose for insulting islam makes him a "muslim terrorist."

    they painted on a smokestack; so they're vandals.

    proportion, man, proportion!