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Eurobarometer: Czechs have the smartest attitude to climate change

Eurobarometer has released its latest poll,

Europeans' attitudes towards climate change (PDF, Google News)
If you go to page 7 ("9 of 145" in the PDF file), you will see the percentages "how many people in each country view climate change as a serious problem". The results are sorted from the sanest countries to the dumbest ones in this respect:
  • 45% Czechia
  • 47% Portugal, Italy; 50% Poland
  • 52% Bulgaria; 57% U.K.; 58% Lithuania, Estonia
  • 60% Romania; 61% Spain, Belgium
  • 62% EU average; 63% Ireland; 64% Malta
  • 66% Slovakia, Latvia, The Netherlands
  • 69% Austria, Luxembourg
  • 71% Hungary, France, Germany, Denmark
  • 73% Finland; 74% Sweden; 80% Slovenia
  • 90% Greece; 92% Cyprus

You see that the differences are substantial and the numbers seem to be largely uncorrelated with the latitude and GDP per capita. But it's arguably scary that only 3 EU members seem to be dominated by climate skeptics.
Related: Czech president Václav Klaus talks about climatism at the Mont Pelerin Society.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin is slowly flip-flopping on climate change which is an extremely bad idea, not only because she is rightfully criticized for flip-flopping. As far as the support from the voters goes, there was clearly nothing wrong with her skepticism.

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