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Google: idea for USD 10 million

Google celebrates its 10th birthday so they invented a new philantropic project to improve their image,

Project 10100 (=googol)
If you have a good idea that helps many people, you can win USD 10 million.

Your solution can be about anything, your imagination has no limits, but the resulting idea must be just like the First Mile Solutions or Hippo Water Roller to have any chance. ;-)

Submit by October 20th.

Meanwhile, Al Gore used Clintonfest to urge "civil disobedience" toward coal plants. The Reference Frame urges the people to obey the law and to protect their property against violent attacks with guns whenever necessary.

New president of South Africa

Many people are asking me whether the new president of South Africa, Kgalema Motl-anthe, is my relative. I don't know for sure. We may have a common ancestor but he probably lived a long time ago. Incidentally, Anthe is a moon of Saturn.

Physics fun link

Wired Science collected 10 pretty entertaining yet insightful videos with various interesting physical phenomena.

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snail feedback (1) :

reader aaron said...

Here's my dream:

To fund the millennium development goals on the Copenhagen Consensus. What I call (though I dislike the acronym) a World Aid Market. I threw the idea out several years ago in this World Bank Discussion Forum:

Basically, the idea is to create and fund bodies that evaluate the effectiveness of organizations in achieving development goals in the frame work of the Copenhagen Consensus. The biggest difficulties are establishing good metrics, developing a scoring system, auditing development efforts, and dispersing awards.

The market would consist of various futures contracts, similar to InTrade, that pay out to organizations when conditions are met and they demonstrate a causal relationship. A point system could be developed based on importance, effectiveness, and the size of award fund relative to the size when the Donor/Player entered the contract. Donor/players compete for prestige and the ability to direct additional money generated by the company’s investments.

Transaction fees, and interest on money held, pay for employees to audit development organizations and disperse awards. Profits (or a portion of profit, as this doesn’t necessarily need to be a non-profit) go into risk free investments similar to insurance companies. The profit on these investments is used to enhance the award that Donor/players provide based on the score the contract generates when it pays out.

I like the slogan “We profit by making the world a better place.”

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