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Hockey stick is revived, alive, and well

Update: The paper and supporting files are now available for the TRF readers. Thanks to Willie Soon!
At least Michael Mann says so: the Northern Hemisphere is hottest in 1300 years or more. See Mongabay (detailed), BBC, and others. Your comments will be appreciated.
See Steve McIntyre's comments (Climate Audit)
See Roger Pielke Sr
It's being claimed that he can obtain the hockey stick graph without any tree rings whatsoever - an algorithm mining for the hockey sticks is probably enough - but no details are available so far and I don't have access to the actual paper.

The robustness of the hockey stick with respect to the removal of the tree rings sounds surprising. Craig Loehle seems to have done exactly the same thing - removing the tree rings - and what he got looks very different from a hockey stick! It's a broken zigzag curve with a Medieval Climatic Optimum.

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