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Lewis Pugh et al. give up

Lewis Pugh gave up: he won't get to the North Pole with his Kayak.

End in sight
In fact, he only got to 10% of his kayaking goal or so and when I look at these things again, I am unimpressed by his achievement even from the athletic viewpoint.

Any true man born on December 5th could get where he did, about 100 km from Spitsbergen, including Pugh, Glashow, Heisenberg, Knut the bear, and your humble correspondent, especially if they had 8 assistants!

At least, they could finally plant the 192 flags, except for the Hungarian one. Lewis Pugh is surely happy to finally get rid of Sam Branson who always hogs the best chair, as if he were a mollycoddled boy. :-)

This figure of 10% reminds me of the IPCC: the reality (warming etc.) is also approximately 10% of their dreams only. These people have no sense of reality. That's probably why Lewis Pugh was awarded for his failure (and for the falsification of his silly opinions about the climate) and asked to speak to the U.S. Congress about "climate change and security". ;-)

Well, just like in psychiatric asylums, kindergartens, Cuban government offices, and all other places on Earth, there is apparently a lot of simpletons in the U.S. Congress, too.

At Pugh's website, a commenter (Steve Goddard, unrelated to GISS) says the following:

Congratulations on being asked to speak to Congress about “climate change and security.”

Can you spell out what your expertise is in this area which makes you a suitable witness for the US Congress?

From what I have read, you swam in a perfectly normal gap in the ice at the North Pole last year, and got stuck in the ice close to Svalbard this year. While these acts are a testament to your personal strength, athletic ability and courage - they don’t shed any light on the historical record or changes to earth’s climate.
Well, I subscribe to this question even though I doubt that we will (or can) ever hear a sane answer to it.

Instead, Pugh at CNN informs you that global warming is even worse than he thought! What a deluded liar.

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snail feedback (1) :

reader Unknown said...

"What a deluded liar."

I don't normally agree with slagging individuals off in public, but in this case, lumo, you just have to tell it like it is. The whole concept of this publicity-seeking stunt was so bloody outrageously dishonest.

Makes you wonder if there is a good legal case for misrepresentation. Well, con-men get sued, why not this gang?

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