Wednesday, September 17, 2008

LHC: first collisions next week

According to many sources such as the U.K. Times, the LHC will begin collisions at the beginning of the next week!

This goal could have been achieved already this week but the 1-week delay was caused by some power failures affecting the cryogenics. These transformer problems are now fixed.

But don't expect the end of the world yet, like the authors of the artistic film, "Our Final Days", above. The center-of-mass energy will be around 900 GeV (6% of the ultimate goal) only so the LHC will behave as a half-Tevatron.

The only explanation why God would initiate the judgment day at the LHC - and not the Tevatron that has already seen such collisions - is that many Europeans are infidels. :-)

By October 12th, they should already try collisions at center-of-mass energy of 10 TeV which can already create new things, such as dragons and the a new galaxy like in the video above. :-)

The formal inauguration ceremony will take place on October 21st. The LHC will no longer be a virgin. It might even be the mother of several superpartners but we will probably not know yet.

After a few weeks of collisions, the winter recess will prepare the LHC for the 14 TeV energy in 2009.
Off-topic: If you're surprised that the animated counter in the right sidebar shows thousands of German visitors to this blog right now (more visitors even from Witten than from Princeton), in fact, well over 10,000 today, it's because of a very innocent link from Spiegel online (at the very end of the article about LHC doomsday humor) to the CMS stop button that Rae Ann sent me.

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