Tuesday, September 30, 2008

MSNBC AGW propaganda team stuck in the Arctic for 3 weeks

Just three weeks after we learned that Lewis Pugh gave up his ludicrous plans to kayak to the North Pole, we have another story of the same kind.
MSNBC (click): Stuck in the Arctic for three weeks and counting
According to the normal rules of Nature that likes to punish excessive stupidity, these people should have been dead for weeks by now.

As pretty as it has been for eons...

However, someone manages to waste USD 50,000 a day for an icebreaker to keep these insane folks alive - yes, that's already a million bucks just for their survival - so you may expect that the ultimate result of their freezing trip to the Arctic will be a "document" about a devastating effect of global warming on the Arctic. ;-)

Hat tip: Anthony Watts

MSNBC seems hopeless but the L.A. Times think that the green bubble bursts. Almost no one cares about Obama's and the Democrats' suggestions to inflate the tires. Instead, the slogan of the day comes from the GOP: "Drill, baby, drill." ;-)

Václav Klaus in Portland, Oregon

The Czech president was/is visiting Oregon. Sorry, Gene, I didn't know about it in advance. See e.g. his speech
Global warming alarmism is unacceptable and should be confronted
Karl Ockert, a brewmaster in Oregon, was late because he was having beer with the president (see the picture above). Klaus experienced some standing ovations in Portland and a dinner for 1,200 guests while a James Pitkin wrote some nasty things about Klaus in the local press.

Klaus' visit to the U.S. continues through October 4th. In Seattle, he joined Ronald Reagan, Rudy Giuliani, and Jeb Bush and picked the Columbia Award. He gave this speech:
Freedom and free market principles are as important to fight for now as in the past, maybe more

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