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Newsnight: Brian Cox vs David King

The host of "Newsnight" is Jeremy Paxman. TRF readers may know him from The Great Global Warming Swindle where he is shown as an example of a new kind of morality based on man-made global warming: "Now the Prime Minister's back from his holiday. He's unrepentant and unembarrassed about yet another long-haul destination."

But let's now return to the LHC first beam day, the most symbolic day of experimental science in the last 3 decades. The old, senile, and obnoxious guy who says that he doesn't give a damn about science (and a penny for science) unless it feeds his throat is - believe me or not - the president of the British Association of the Advancement of Science, David King.

Do you think that Mr King has the right job to advance his deeply anti-scientific sentiments and that he has chosen a good day to ventilate them? Prof Brian Cox (CERN), a former rock musician, fortunately had something more cultural and sane to say about this issue. ;-) The only thing that Cox forgot to mention was that King, much like the LHC alarmists, was a tw@t (even though, at 4:52, Brian was pretty close to this goal!).

Note that at the beginning, Paxman apologized that the BBC has referred to hadrons as "heydrons" - because of their pure ignorance. Needless to say, David King complains two minutes later that we already know too much about the heydrons. :-)

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