Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sharia law takes over Great Britain

A few years ago, a creative far-right website offered this map of Europe as of 2015.

Well, they may have been close to the truth; however, note that they included Italy but not Kosovo into the Albanian Federation so the reality is already exceeding their expectations at least at one spot.

In North Pakistan, they are establishing sharia courts that will work simultaneously with the old British courts (that will be temporarily allowed as long as there remain some infidels on the island):
Times online
It has not been explained whether Al-Qaeda and Taliban will share the responsibility for security with the old, white male British police, at least for the crimes by the citizens of North Pakistan who have already been properly converted to Islam. ;-)

The preachers have already figured out that they can make Britain an Islamic state without an external war: it's enough to follow the Albanian recipe to steal Kosovo from Serbia, namely to have more children.

Hat tip: Vitalik


While Al Gore invented the Internet, John McCain invented the BlackBerry. Consequently, John McCain is also behind the Perimeter Institute and he can be credited for loop quantum gravity, variable speed of light (Sarah P. will surely like this one), ekpyrotic cosmology, and 31 octopi in the spin foam. ;-)

McCain's senior aide, Matt McDonald who invented freedom fries and cheesburgers, claimed that the inventor of BlackBerry was very modest and denied the invention of anything.


  1. Lubos - while I agree with your points about the obscene de facto recognition of sharia law in the UK, your comments are way off the mark regarding Kosovo. If you think Kosovo is some hot bed for islamic fundameltalism, take a look at how many countries have recognized Kosovo. How many of them are muslim countries? Equalizing Kosovo to fundamentalizm is no different than equaling warming/cooling to AGW

  2. Dear dream liner,

    I have never said or written that the Albanian Kosovo is a bed of Islamic fundamentalism.

    I wrote that Kosovo was stolen from Serbia using a strategy in which the overreproduction, now also planned by the Muslim preachers in the UK, played an important role.

    It is a form of war within, a method to conquer territories in superficially non-violent ways.


  3. Aasalm o Alikum all Muslims Brother’s

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    Hamla kia hai aap is ki yeh kosshish nakaam bana dain. is site ko hack
    ya band kar dain. plz


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