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Who is Tamino?

Who is Tamino at, a blogger who loves to date famous climate alarmists? Try to guess. A few hints.

In 2001, a musician wrote a shameful self-promotion at a USENET newsgroup, alt.fairs.renaissance: see the post.

It just happened that he was a member of the renaissance music duo, Bedlam Boys, founded in Boston in 1998 (a song at YouTube).

Also, Grant Foster signed with his name while his Hotmail e-mail address included the word "tamino" and a simple number. Who do you think tamino is at this moment?

Using your guess who tamino is, where do you think that Grant Foster was writing papers in the late 1990s? Check your prediction.

Did you solve the homework? What's your answer? :-) Is it the Gentleman on the right side of the picture?

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snail feedback (4) :

reader Brian G Valentine said...

I'm still convinced it is Joshua Halpern, who poses as Eli, and Eli poses as Tamino because the Tamino character looks too extreme for the Eli character

reader Luboš Motl said...

Well, Brian, be free to offer alternative hypothesis. Of course, you haven't convinced me to change the Grant Foster answer because it seems rather solid.

We should say that Eli Rabett is Joshua Halpern of Howard University. I have made a few successful tests of this hypothesis, too, including tracing of the IP addresses of "Eli" who visited my blog in the D.C. area.

It worked pretty well. There seems to be no doubt that Eli is Halpern.

reader Alex Harvey said...

The CRU letters seem to have settled it? One of the reviewers of Grant Foster's paper describes his tone as that of "blog diatribe". Clearly, Grant Foster / tamino_9 at hotmail dot com is a blogger?



Best regards,

reader Andrew said...

Just a note on the Climategate emails, it shows Mike Mann explicitly referring to Grant Foster as Tamino,


"At 00:19 25/07/2009, Michael Mann wrote:

Hi Jim,
Grant Foster ('Tamino') did a nice job in a previous response (attached) we wrote to a similarly bad article by Schwartz which
got a lot of play in contrarian circles."

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