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WMAP: dark flow: attracted behind the horizon

The WMAP probe has detected a nonzero velocity of galaxy clusters between the constellations of Centaurus and Vela:

Spaceflight Now, Science Daily
1E 0657-56, previously used to "directly see dark matter" (TRF I, II), is an example of such a cluster. I am not sure whether the present authors fully realize this direct link with dark matter: I would bet that there is only one new effect going on with these clusters, not two new effects.

The motion can't be explained by the normal FRW cosmology or anything inside the observable horizon, they claim. It's been called "dark flow", to make it sound as mysterious as "dark energy" or "dark matter".

The driver of the motion is arguably behind the cosmological horizon! The paper by Kashlinsky, Atrio-Barandela, Kocevski, and Ebeling will be published this week in online Astrophysical Journal Letters but you can already read the papers as preprints (hat tip: mtheory):
Technical details
Results and cosmological implications
Thanks to Gene Day!


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