Sunday, October 26, 2008

Charlie Rose & Stephen Hawking

Well, much like Hawking, I also thought that Rose's question - "What did you mean by the analogy between Mt Everest and a theory of everything?" - was a very stupid question. How can someone possibly misunderstand what this means? ;-)

Imagine how Stephen Hawking in particular must feel when people overwhelm him with similar dumb questions that take long minutes to be answered.

Hawking quickly gets to the threats facing mankind. Well, he is partly correct. I think that as technology gets better, we are getting safer against all kinds of threats (including comets and hurricanes). On the other hand, many new threats emerge from the increasing complexity of our world.

If you summarize these things, the life expectancy of our civilization in years could be pretty much constant but the percentage of the man-made, internal threats is surely increasing as we are getting better in resisting the natural, external threats. I just don't think that climate change is one of those man-made threats.

It would be great to occupy other celestial bodies, at some moment, and we should never quite abandon these plans. It's a different question whether it makes sense to try to realize them in this century. But some people are surely paid to try.

A funny bonus video: Stephen Hawking is already saving the mankind by personal interactions. ;-)

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