Friday, October 17, 2008

LHC: 29 magnets broken

Pat and Mat (Czechoslovakia) were clearly hired by CERN.

A closer scrutiny has revealed that the "spilled helium" incident has mechanically damaged 24 dipole magnets (out of 1,232) and 5 quadrupole magnets (out of 392).
CERN report (click)
Forget about collisions in 2008: some sources even say that the LHC will be down through the end of May 2009. It's a lot of lost material: a dipole magnet (left on the picture below) is 15 meters long and weighs 35 tons. The quadrupole magnets (right on the picture below) are smaller, meant to focus the beams.


Thank God that the incident didn't blow up the detectors. ;-) The inauguration takes place on next Tuesday, anyway.

Hat tip: John Conway

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