Saturday, October 04, 2008

LHC inauguration: 10/21/2008

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The video is temporarily posted at the top of the blog during the event. Tonight, the video will be removed and the posting will be returned to October 4th.

Yesterday, CERN launched the new grid.

The inauguration of the LHC on Tuesday, October 21st is not canceled:
CERN press release
Otherwise, October will be dedicated to warming the sector 34 up and fixing the problems. All components that are potentially damaged have to be replaced. In reality, the helium spill problem may only mean one month of lost collisions which is not bad after those 14 years.

Incidentally, all lawsuits filed by the LHC doomsaying nuts that I am aware of have been thrown to the trash.

As Gordon Watts reports, the LHC is opened to the staff this weekend: today or tomorrow, they will see pretty much everything that went wrong. Seven sectors are fully commissioned and the sector 34 was commissioned up to 1 TeV before it broke.

This "weekend" information comes from Lyn Evans who revealed it after his talk, during the Q & A session at the LHC conference in Split, Croatia.

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